The BNI Business Index was created by BNI, the world's largest business networking organization ( The index was created to gauge the economic state of business worldwide based on global survey results of retailers, service companies, and manufacturing companies all around the world.

The statistics gathered from the survey results are intended to keep small business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies, as well as the general public, educated and informed as to the changing state of the global business economy and the current business trends that become apparent over time.

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BNI Business Index Results for 2013

Over 1,000 business people from every populated continent in the world responded to the BNI Business Index for year-end, 2013. According to the survey results, almost 76% of the respondents felt that business was better today than in 2012. That’s up over 9% from the 2011 survey. In addition, only 6.1% felt that it was …... SEE FULL DETAILS

2012 is Promising

The findings for 2012’s BNI Business Index are in and they once again look promising for the global economy.  Over 1,000 people from all over the world responded to this survey giving it the highest rating since the index was started in 2010.  According to the survey results, 73.4% of the respondents felt that business …... SEE FULL DETAILS

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